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What to Expect

woodlawn welcome


Come to a relaxed atmosphere where people accept you. Don't worry about dressing right or being a certain way, just grab a free cup of coffee and enjoy your visit.

At Woodlawn, we strive to follow the two single greatest commandments: love God and love people. This is a place where God meets people who are away from Him with unconditional love.

woodlawn pastor

Our service

Our Service begins with upbeat music that expresses an authentic love for God. There are people here from all different church experiences or none at all. You will fit right in.

Pastor Matt will share a message that is Biblically based, creative, and relevant to your life. The service lasts approximately 75 minutes. You’ll leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

woodlawn kids check-in

Woodlawn Kids Check In

We divide our ministry into three environments so your child is engaged at their level:

  • Nursery (infant-23 months)
  • Preschool (2-K)
  • KidsLink (1-6)

Start by checking your child in to our computerized database. This helps ensure his or her safety. Your child will be shown their room by one of our volunteers and warmly greeted by our child-loving teachers. All of our volunteers are background checked and trained to guarantee your child has the best experience possible.

We think that church should be fun for people at every age, so our skilled volunteers use technology, fun activities, and small group time. Children can experience God for themselves and learn how much He loves them!